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European Criticism for Google’s New Privacy Policy

Posted in Data Privacy Law or Regulation, EU, International, Privacy Law, Social Networking

Google’s new privacy policy (and its plans to create user profiles across multiple online services) has drawn fire from European data protection authorities. Online and mobile retailers and service providers should take account of a renewed emphasis on transparency and proportionality in collecting data about users.

Posting a Privacy Policy May Not Be Enough – NARC to Enforce Industry Principles

Posted in Behavioral Advertising, Privacy Law

If your company has a posted privacy policy, it may be a good time to confirm that the cookies, tracking technologies, and other activities currently being used on your web site or sites are still consistent with your existing policy and industry standards. The National Advertising Review Counsel ("NARC") of the Better Business Bureau has recently… Continue Reading

Privacy News Round-Up: Lessons Learned

Posted in Privacy Law

Several important privacy issues were in the news in the first half of this week. Here’s our take on these stories, which covered online data collection, employee privacy and legislative battles about the future of privacy.

Social Networking: Setting Boundaries in a Borderless Brave New World

Posted in Behavioral Advertising, Children's Privacy, Cybercrime, Data Privacy Law or Regulation, Identity Theft, International, NDA / Confidentiality Agreement, Privacy Law, Social Networking, Workplace Privacy

Social networking entails some risks and responsibilities. It may implicate privacy and labor law, confidentiality and nondisclosure agreements, advertising regulations, defamation, and other legal regimes, across borders in a global medium. Users, and their employers, need to be aware of these risks and responsibilities in deciding how to make best use of social media.