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The FTC’s advice for online giving portals that collect on behalf of charities

Seventy-eight percent of Americans believe companies must do more than just make money – they must also positively impact society, according to the recent 2018 Cone/Porter Novelli Purpose Study. Not only did 79% of respondents say that they are more loyal to purpose-driven companies, but 73% said they would be willing to defend those companies. … Continue Reading

Charity Compliance is No Stranger to the Bracket Business

Are you or your company inviting charitable donations to fill out a tournament bracket for a shot at the prize? Putting aside the typical lottery and game of chance issues, involving a charity or charitable donations in your March Madness celebrations could weave other legal compliance webs – namely, triggering compliance with state charitable promotion … Continue Reading

Maine Streamlines Its Regulation of Charitable Promotions

October is breast cancer awareness month, and we often see an increased number of charitable promotions being proposed in connection with the cause.  As previously posted about, various structures of charitable promotions and advertising calls-to-action may trigger a myriad of compliance obligations for both the for-profit entity and the charity involved.  After learning of the … Continue Reading

Advertising About Charities and Charitable Causes: It’s the Details that Matter

“Our company will support the Charity.” “A percentage of proceeds go to cancer research.” “With every purchase, a donation goes to Charity.”  Stating or implying that a purchase or other action by a consumer will benefit a charity or charitable purpose is appealing to attract consumers’ attention, but this type of messaging needs special attention … Continue Reading