FACTA Class Action Certified (N.D. Illinois)

All, a link to a recent case that certified a class action under FACTA based on credit card receipts with more than the last five digits and expiration date: (Meehan v. Buffalo Wild Wings Inc., N.D. Ill., No. 07 C 4562)Interestingly this case goes against rulings in the 9th, 10th and 11th Circuits, which ruled that the "superiority" requirement of Rule 23(b) had not been met because of the potentially staggering statutory damages available under FACTA ($100 to $1000 per violation). In this case, the court followed 7th Circuit precedent that held that classes could be certified despite staggering damage potential. In this Circuit the issue of staggering damages, however, can still be challenged as a violation of due process rights after the certification. In short, the certification provides the plaintiffs with more leverage because the class has been established and plaintiff's attorneys will have a large economic incentive to argue all the way through the due process arguments. Companies operating in the jurisdiction of the 7th Circuit should be very careful with their credit card receipts.