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FTC Report on Data Brokers: An Analysis of the Call for Stronger Controls and Legislation

Earlier this week, the Federal Trade Commission released its long awaited report on the data brokerage industry – Data Brokers:  A Call for Transparency and Accountability.  This report is the culmination of approximately two years of information collection, public workshops, and analysis by the FTC staff.  Notably, the Report recommends that Congress enact legislation to … Continue Reading

Blumenthal Bill Bumps Up Big Fines for Data Thefts and Security Breaches

Late last week Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) introduced the Personal Data Protection and Breach Accountability Act of 2011, S.1535, that if ultimately passed would levy significant penalties for identify theft and other "violations of data privacy and security," criminalize as felonies the installation of software that collects "sensitive" PII without clear and conspicuous notice and consent, and specifies requirements that companies collecting or storing the online data of more than 10,000 individuals adhere to data storage guidelines, including auditing the information security practices of contractors and third party business entities. Penalties include up to $10,000 per violation per day up to a maximum of $20,000,000 per violation per individual. … Continue Reading

FCRA Violations Result in $1.8 Million FTC Penalty

The Federal Trade Commission announced today that Teletrack, Inc. has agreed to pay $1.8 million to settle charges that the company sold credit reports for marketing purposes, in violation of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). According to the FTC's complaint, Teletrack sells credit reports and other services to businesses that mainly serve financially distressed consumers. Teletrack's business customers include pay day lenders, rental purchase stores and non-prime rate auto lenders. These businesses use Teletrack's credit reports to decide whether and on what terms to extend credit to their customers. … Continue Reading

House Passes Data Accountability and Trust Act (DATA)

On December 8, 2009, the Data Accountability and Trust Act — HR 2221(DATA) moved one step closer to law by passing the House of Representatives.  DATA is sponsored by Congressman Bobby Rush (D-IL).  Note that the InfoLawGroup has previously commented on similar data security bills currently pending in the Senate.  The DATA in Congress has … Continue Reading

Will 2010 See the Enactment of a Comprehensive Federal Data Security Law?

Today the Senate Judiciary Committee approved two federal data security bills, Senator Leahy's S. 1490, the Personal Data Privacy and Security Act, and Senator Feinstein's S. 139, the Data Breach Notification Act. Of course, there have been dozens of proposed federal breach notification bills over the past several years, from both sides of the aisle. Senator Leahy's office issued this statement earlier today. While we cannot predict the fate of S. 1490 and S. 139, and we will have future occasion to comment on the bills in more detail, Tanya and I wanted to highlight a few notable provisions now. … Continue Reading