Issuing Banks File Class Action Suit Against Acquiring Banks in Heartland Breach Matter

In an interesting development, a handful of issuing banks impacted by the Heartland breach have filed a class action lawsuit against two acquiring banks related to Heartland Payment Systems. According to this article, the issuing banks are unhappy with Heartland's proposed settlement with Visa.  This appears and to be an attempted end-run around the proposed $60 million settlement with Visa.  It also may demonstrate that issuing banks are not satisfied with the dispute resolution mechanisms under the Visa Operating Regulations (the Account Data Compromise Recovery process estimated the loss at $140 million, yet the settlement was for only $60 million), and their ability to be made whole under those mechanisms.  We will have more analysis of the complaint at a later day. In light of the relative lack of success issuing banks have had in these types of cases, it will be very interesting to analyze the legal theories employed by the issuing banks and track the progress of this matter.