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Attorneys at InfoLawGroup spend a significant amount of time negotiating and counseling clients on agreements for all types of online and tech transactions and service provider arrangements.


Our Services

Transactions & Deals

We regularly represent clients on a wide-variety of tech contracts, transactions and related issues, including:

  • Ecommerce and software licensing agreements (including hosting and service level agreements for the same)

  • Software development agreements (including mobile application and website development)

  • Professional services agreements for the implementation of licensed technology

  • Contracts between the multiple players targeting consumers through online behavioral advertising

  • Contracts with major content distribution networks to support our clients’ content

  • SMS providers and Mobile Aggregator Agreements (e.g., to provide and receive SMS and other text messaging services)

  • Email service provider agreements

  • Fulfillment/e-commerce solution agreements (including addressing FTC Mail Order Rule compliance and related issues)

  • Cloud computing agreements (Saas and Application Service Providers)

  • Payment card processing agreements (e.g. merchant agreements, payment processor agreements, payment gateway agreements, service provide agreements)

  • Outsourcing deals (including outsourced customer response management, recruiting and human resources agreements)

  • End-user license agreements for third party use of software– EULAs (e.g. “shrink wrap” licenses, “browser wrap” or “click-through”)

  • Terms of use applicable to use of web sites, apps, platforms, subscription agreements, etc.

  • Agreements with forensics analysts (e.g., in the instance of a data breach)

  • Call-center and customer service agreements

  • Arbitration provisions in consumer contracts

  • Handling material changes to online consumer contracts

They are technology.  If you are in the tech space and not using InfoLawGroup, you aren’t really in technology. I have never called them with something that they didn’t already know about, no matter how cutting-edge or obscure.  They are frontrunners and always steps ahead of the technology.
— Sam Banayan, Director of Legal, Redbox