Webinar on "The Legal Issues of Social Networking"

Senior Counsel, Richard Santalesa, recently hosted an hour long live webinar on The Legal Issues of Social Networking for IT Managed Service Providers ("MSPs"), in conjunction with Zenith Infotech, Ltd. and Redmond Channel Partner MSPtv.  While ostensibly targeted at the MSP community, Rich's coverage of the general legal issues are applicable to any company that has or is planning to jump into the social networking waters, whether through Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube or elsewhere. 

You can watch an archived version of the webinar here.  (Note: Free registration is required to view).  And after watching, or if you have questions about legal aspects of social media and social networking, feel free to email Rich or the other attorneys at the INFORMATIONLAWGROUP.



Date: WEDNESDAY, October 6th, 2010 - 12:30 PM ET
Topic: A Legal Guide to Managed Services: The Legal Issues of Social Networking
Hosted by: Attorney Richard Santalesa

Attorney Bradley Gross, and Eric Shorr of PC Troubleshooters, Inc.

The booming era of 'social networking' has opened a truly grand new frontier for inexpensive but effective ways of marketing services, reaching potential customers and supporting an existing client base. Sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Biznik, Orkut, and as new offerings popping up weekly, have taken the web by storm and captured headlines. But along with the promise, social networking also raises a range of old and new legal issues, including pitfalls and associated liabilities that span the legal spectrum.

In this webinar Attorney Richard Santalesa, Attorney Bradley Gross, and Eric Shorr of PC Troubleshooters, Inc. will discuss recommendations, best practices and considerations to keep in mind, both before and during any social networking effort, to ensure you maximize your return while limiting chances for costly legal liabilities.

Among the topics to be discussed are: smart management of your social networking policies, groups, users and employees, whether to allow third party content to be posted, defamation and other tort traps, employment policy links, as well as other timely issues that every smart MSP can use in their real world practices.