NIST Releases New DRAFT Cloud Computing Synopsis

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) recently released a new cloud computing draft special publication for public review and comment (see associated press release), which NIST is billing as "its most complete guide to cloud computing to date."  Public comments to NIST on the 84-page P 800-146  DRAFT Cloud Computing Synopsis and Recommendations (PDF 1.9MB) are due by June 13, 2011, and should be submitted via email to

According to NIST, "Draft Special Publication 800-146, NIST Cloud Computing Synopsis and Recommendations explains cloud computing technology in plain terms and provides practical information for information technology decision makers interested in moving into the cloud."

We'll be reviewing and commenting on this latest cloud draft from NIST in a future post, and have been following NIST's ongoing and comprehensive efforts in the area of cloud computing closely.