InfoLawGroup Attorneys Co-Author Social Media Risk Whitepaper

Building on the InfoLawGroup's depth of experience in social networking and social media, Attorneys David Navetta and Richard Santalesa have co-authored a new whitepaper with the ACE Group, a global leader in insurance and reinsurance with a physical presence in 53 countries. 

The new whitepaper, entitled Social Media: The Business Benefits May be Enormous, But Can the Risks – Reputational, Legal, Operational – be Mitigated?, is available for download from the ACE Group website and examines the risks of social media in business and corporate use.  (See ACE press release on the white paper for additional details).

The whitepaper has already been recognized by the insurance industry press, observing that a cost/benefit analysis of social media use finds it carries inherent risk, a complete understanding of which being the first step to effective mitigation. (See Insurance Networking News, Social Media, A Gamble Worth Taking?, Aug. 2, 2011).

To discuss the whitepaper or your own company's use of social networking and social media, feel free to contact Navetta, Santalesa or any of the attorneys at the InfoLawGroup.