InfoLawGroup Thanks Clients, Attorneys and Staff for Chambers Recognition

InfoLawGroup is honored to be named by Chambers and Partners as one of the nation’s leading Privacy & Data Security law firms. This recognition comes ahead of the firm celebrating its fourth birthday this fall.  In 2009, partners Scott Blackmer, Tanya Forsheit and David Navetta launched InfoLawGroup with the goal of offering clients a broad range and depth of “information law” advice.  In the founders’ vision, the firm would bring together an experienced bench that would compete head to head with information management, privacy and data security law practices at the nations’ largest law firms.  Intrigued by InfoLawGroup’s vision and the ground-level opportunity, partner Boris Segalis became part of the firm in 2010.  Two nationally-recognized privacy and advertising partners, Justine Gottshall and Jamie Rubin, joined the firm in 2011.

From the three partners in 2009, the firm has grown to an integrated national boutique practice of fifteen attorneys and staff, including partners Scott Blackmer, Tanya Forsheit, Justine Gottshall, David Navetta, Heather Nolan, Paul Paray, Alexis Payne, Jamie Rubin and Boris Segalis, senior counsel Evan Brown and Richard Santalesa, counsel Shannon Harell, Andrew Hoffman and Benjamin Stein, and firm administrator Kristin Tucker.  The firm’s attorneys practice in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Denver and Salt Lake City.

Over the past four years, we all have worked to establish InfoLawGroup as the go-to firm for data, security and technology law, writing our in-depth blog, and speaking, writing and teaching about information law.  While the primary recognition for which we strive is that from our clients and colleagues, we are delighted to receive public acknowledgment from Chambers in their national ranking.

We are grateful to our clients for recommending us, and thank all of our attorneys and staff whose hard work has made InfoLawGroup a success.