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Domain Name Extensions Extended Again

By W. Scott Blackmer on December 14, 2010

ICANN decided Friday to postpone approval of procedures for organizations to propose new generic top-level domains (gTLDs). Companies anticipating the need to protect trademarks in a potentially large number of new gTLDs will have at least a few more months to understand and weigh in on the proposals, and to brace themselves for successive rounds of sunrise filings and domain name disputes as new gTLDs are introduced.

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SDNY Court Holds Credit Card Processors May Be Contributorily Liable for Trademark Infringement

By InfoLawGroup LLP on July 05, 2010

In opening the door to holding credit card processors potentially contributorily liable as a result of the infringing actions of clients selling counterfeit goods online, Judge Baer, Jr.'s decision issues a shot across the bow of companies providing services to online commerce sites that their actions could be construed as providing material support to counterfeiters.

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European Court Hands Google a Keyword Victory but Warns Online Advertisers

By W. Scott Blackmer on March 26, 2010

The European Court of Justice rules that Google is not liable for automated keyword advertising based on brand names. Advertisers, however, may be liable under trademark and fair competition laws if the ads misleadingly suggest that they link to the trademark owner.